First Sunday of Lent 2023

Father Altman offers his reflections on the first Sunday in Lent. Subscribe to Father Altman’s new YouTube channel by clicking here. Donate to support Father Altman by clicking here.

Hell Is Real

  Fr. Altman discusses the reality of hell as more and more modern Catholics and Christians alike debate the existence of hell and whether it is populated. From scripture to the visions of Sister Lucia and the children of Fatima, Altman sets the record straight that Hell is indeed real.

Voting God’s Platform

  Father James Altman returns in Part IV for a special message before Catholics & Christians vote November 3rd. He names 3 intrinsic evils of one party’s platform, and explains why a vote for Biden… is a vote for the Godless.

The Evils of Socialism

  Father Altman discusses 167 years of warnings from the last TEN popes about the evils of socialism, and how the US is under relentless attack by socialists NOW who openly operate in our country under sweet-sounding names like liberty, justice, love, & equality – “nothing more than adjectives for … Read more