Liberals Are Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

  Fr. Altman doubles down in his widely anticipated follow up to the viral video “You Cannot Be Catholic & a Democrat” – which he maintains is the simple truth and a no-brainer statement. Altman discusses the “great tragedy” of the Church, and left-wing cancel culture – the bullying and … Read more

You Cannot Be A Catholic And A Democrat. Period.

  Father Altman calls out the hypocrisies of Church hierarchy and their destructive leftist politicization of the Catholic Church that has slapped faithful Catholics in the face and led many others astray. Altman also explains the basis of human nature and our purpose in life.

Catholic Privilege

  Fr. Altman reflects on the real privilege of being Catholic and how godless forces in today’s society are seeking the wrong kinds of privilege.

Woe to the Shepherds!

  Fr. Altman reflects upon the Ezekiel’s warning to the shepherds of his time and its applicability to our current times.