JP Sears Becoming Catholic? Nancy Pelosi Says She’s More Pro-life Than Her Bishop

The culture of death is making a full assault to advance the destruction of Christianity and western morality. Pro-abortion ‘catholic’ politician Nancy Pelosi has publicly attacked her bishop, Archbishop Cordileone, in a speech at Georgetown University, saying homelessness and migration are the moral equivalency of abortion and indicating that she is more pro-life than her bishop. Meanwhile, Bishop McElroy has denounced EWTN and Raymond Arroyo for inviting Archbishop Poprocki to appear on the Catholic network. McElroy says that they deserve censorship for their criticism of Pope Francis.

Additionally, the cauldron of hatred continued to pour over this past week as an active shooter, identifying as a “transgender,” murdered three adults and three children at a Nashville Christian school, an event that is now radicalizing further the discontent of the trans community and pushing them towards more violence. However, there are still reasons for hope: renown comedian and political commentator JP Sears has signaled that he may become Catholic. Is this news too good to be true? Join LifeSiteNews co-founder John-Henry Westen, Liz Yore, and Fr. James Altman in this episode of Faith and Reason as they analyze all of these events and more and what they mean for the Culture of Life.

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