Trump Vs. Biden | The Real Crime Boss In The 2024 Presidential Race

President Trump was just indicted on election 2020 related charged — fueling speculation about the Biden Administration’s collusion with the globalist ‘Deep State’ actors. As anti-democratic globalist forces infiltrate the United States, Pope Francis’ World Youth Day event has also been infiltrated with an ‘eco-agenda’ pushed by globalist elites often … Read more

FREE JACK MAXEY | LifeSiteNews Launches Twitter Campaign!

LifeSiteNews journalist and FBI whistleblower Jack Maxey has been banned on Twitter — despite Elon Musk’s ownership — suddenly and without warning. Jack Maxey made national headlines by exposing the corruption surrounding the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and has been a champion of free speech with LifeSiteNews ever since. Elon … Read more

3 Bombshell Moments In Pope Francis’s War On Tradition | Faith & Reason Highlights

Pope Francis has repeatedly sought to undermine faith and morality in the Catholic Church in his long-standing war on Catholic tradition. Pope Francis recently sent outspoken pro-LGBT priest Fr. James Martin personal handwritten letters to support Fr. Martin in his efforts to alter Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality. Additionally, … Read more

LGBT Attacks Mount Against Pro-Lifers While ‘Sound of Freedom’ Is Heard Worldwide

LGBT forces are lashing out as the pro-life #1 summer blockbuster film ‘Sound of Freedom’ rocks box offices in the United States. The story of Tim Ballard, played by ‘Passion of the Christ’ star Jim Caviezel, is sweeping across the world and converting hearts and minds to the Culture of … Read more

500,000+ Views | ‘Canceled Priests’ Event Draws Outpouring of Support for Bishop Strickland

The Coalition for Canceled Priests has built an international network of canceled priests who have spoken the truth and defended the faith against Pope Francis’ progressive agenda. The Coalition for Canceled Priests also supports leading bishops such as Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas who fearlessly preach the Gospel of … Read more

Hunter Biden’s Sweetheart Deal With The ‘Deep State’ | Jack Maxey

FBI Whistleblower Jack Maxey condemns Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal coordinated with the Department of Justice, overseen by Hunter Biden’s own father, President Joe Biden. The Department of Justice continues to expose itself as the enforcement arm of the ‘Deep State,’ giving criminal Hunter Biden a sweetheart plea deal that whistleblower … Read more

Archbishop Viganò, Faithful Catholics Rebuke LGBT PRIDE | Pope Francis Praises Fr. Martin

Pope Francis has encouraged Fr. James Martin and his pro-LGBT agenda to continue — twisting Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality. But, Archbishop Viganò and other brave Catholics leaders including Bishop Strickland and Fr. James Altman are rejecting LGBT PRIDE and transgender ideology. Archbishop Viganò calls the pastoral push for … Read more