Pope Francis’ Vatican more ‘woke’ than Fox News?

LifeSiteNews expert panelists John-Henry Westen, Fr. James Altman, and attorney Liz Yore analyze whether Fox News will suffer the same fate as Bud Light after the bombshell firing of Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight. Bud Light has suffered devastating boycotts after promoting a transgender actor named Dylan Mulvaney, who has publicly pretended to be a woman for over one year, and Fox News is now bowing to the ‘woke’ mob with the latest Tucker Carlson firing.

However, Pope Francis’ Vatican may be even more woke than Fox News as it ousts Bishops for lay women of the Pope’s choosing to vote in the Synod of Bishops. Meanwhile, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia the head of the Vatican’s Academy for Life has left a door open to accepting assisted suicide. Watch this all-new episode of Faith and Reason now.

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