Pope Francis vs NFL Kicker Harrison Butker | “Progress” And Tradition Collide

Used for nearly 2,000 years, the Traditional Latin Mass, or Tridentine Mass, has been responsible for evangelizing, converting, and raising the Catholic Church’s most influential saints in history. However, Pope Francis has now attacked the ancient liturgy by accusing loyal Latin Mass goers of suffering from a “nostalgic disease.” This hostility has led philosopher Josef Seifert to declare that Pope Francis is “not the guarantor of the faith.”

But as Pope Francis’ scandalous pontificate continues to betray the faithful, inspiring Latin Mass leaders are emerging — most notably Super Bowl winner, Kansas City Chief kicker Harrison Butker. Harrison Butker gave traditional Catholic advice at the commencement address at Georgia Institute of Technology, urging the next generation of leaders to get married and start families. This is a far cry from the dead-end globalist climate agendas pushed by Pope Francis and the New World Order! There may just be hope for the Culture of Life yet.

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