Trump Vs. Biden | The Real Crime Boss In The 2024 Presidential Race

President Trump was just indicted on election 2020 related charged — fueling speculation about the Biden Administration’s collusion with the globalist ‘Deep State’ actors. As anti-democratic globalist forces infiltrate the United States, Pope Francis’ World Youth Day event has also been infiltrated with an ‘eco-agenda’ pushed by globalist elites often … Read more

FREE JACK MAXEY | LifeSiteNews Launches Twitter Campaign!

LifeSiteNews journalist and FBI whistleblower Jack Maxey has been banned on Twitter — despite Elon Musk’s ownership — suddenly and without warning. Jack Maxey made national headlines by exposing the corruption surrounding the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and has been a champion of free speech with LifeSiteNews ever since. Elon … Read more

3 Bombshell Moments In Pope Francis’s War On Tradition | Faith & Reason Highlights

Pope Francis has repeatedly sought to undermine faith and morality in the Catholic Church in his long-standing war on Catholic tradition. Pope Francis recently sent outspoken pro-LGBT priest Fr. James Martin personal handwritten letters to support Fr. Martin in his efforts to alter Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality. Additionally, … Read more