3 Bombshell Moments In Pope Francis’s War On Tradition | Faith & Reason Highlights

Pope Francis has repeatedly sought to undermine faith and morality in the Catholic Church in his long-standing war on Catholic tradition. Pope Francis recently sent outspoken pro-LGBT priest Fr. James Martin personal handwritten letters to support Fr. Martin in his efforts to alter Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality. Additionally, Fr. Martin and other pro-LGBT allies have been appointed to represent the world’s Catholics at the upcoming Synod on Synodality, which many suspect is an effort to change the Catholic Church’s teachings on sexual sin. Meanwhile, Pope Francis has appointed a Vatican delegation to question and re-interpret previously approved Marian apparitions and messages. Is the message of Our Lady of Fatima in danger of being suppressed by the Vatican? Find out in a discussion of all these events and more in this special highlights show of Faith & Reason.

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